Ways To Naturally Freshen Your Home

Ways To Naturally Freshen Your Home

With the changing of the seasons, now is a great time to naturally freshen up your home with some natural alternatives to air fresheners. Here are a couple easy solutions! Freshen Home

1- Open up the windows in your home. Let the fresh air in and flush out any odors, toxins, pollen, or chemicals that have been trapped inside. This can instantly freshen up your entire house. Even opening up just a few windows can make all the difference!

2- Keep fresh flowers in your house. Flowers not only smell wonderful, but they can boost your mood and spruce up your home decor, such as a centerpiece or on a window sill. Peonies, lilies, chrysanthemums, and freesias are a few great options to brighten up your space!

3- Indoor house plants can naturally freshen the air and remove toxins to improve the indoor air quality in your house. The aloe vera plant, peace lily, bamboo palm, golden pothos are just a few that are beneficial.

4- Simmer your favorite scents, using your favorite spices. Boil water on the stove and add dried cinnamon sticks with orange or lemon, lavender, fresh ginger, whole cloves, vanilla extract, cranberries and more. Your home will smell amazing as soon as you walk inside and is a great option if you are having guests over.

5- Sprinkle baking soda onto your carpets, allow it to sit for a few hours, and then vacuum. Baking soda can help to neutralize odors, and can be used to deodorize your kitchen drain, inside your shoes, and added to your load of laundry! Freshen Home

6- Wash your bedsheets once a week and use the hottest water temperature setting listed on the label to get rid of sweat, germs, makeup and more. Clean sheets are fresh and inviting! Freshen Home!

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