How To Remove Dog Smells From Your Home

If you have a dog, you may be wondering how to remove dog odors in your home. For many, the answer is simple: find a dog odor remedy! There are many different reasons that dogs smell. They are animals, and their sense of smell plays an important part of what they can smell on a person or in a space that they have been accustomed to. Fortunately, you can learn how to get rid of dog odors in your home.

Who likes a smelly home? No one!


How To Remove Dog Smells From Your HomeOne common way that people try to remove dog odors in their homes is through the use of commercial dog odor remover. While these products do work, they may not be the best option for you. The problem is that some commercial products contain harsh chemicals that may harm your dog, cause allergies or even cause them to develop a life threatening illness.

If you have an indoor dog, you may find that you can quite easily take care of the problem yourself. There are a few different things that you can try that will help you reduce the smell in your home. Make sure your dog’s bed is washable or comes with a washable cover that you can throw into the wash at least once a week. In addition, washing other items such as dog toys, blankets, or their collar can minimize dog smells in your home. Adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar can help neutralize odors.

Home-chemical dog odor removers that are sold in pet stores are said to be quite helpful as well. If you decided to go this route, you should carefully look at all the ingredients listed in this product, to avoid causing your dog any harm or having them develop an allergy to them. These products are typically a bit more pricey than others.

Making sure to regularly clean your floors, carpets, & upholstery can also address this issue and keep odors under control. Use an all-purpose cleaner with a fresh smelling scent on hard floors (tile, vinyl, etc) & make sure to thoroughly vacuum all rugs and carpets in your home. Investing money in a carpet cleaning machine or hiring a professional to clean your carpets will help with odors.

In addition, regularly washing all linens, clothing and couch covers can help you if you are dealing with a serious odor problem. Make sure everything is dried completely before putting things back in their proper place.

Removing dog odors from your home can be an easy process. You will need to find a product that works best for you, and you will need to follow the directions that come with it carefully. While it can be challenging to completely eliminate dog-related odors, it is entirely possible to do so with a bit of effort and the right knowledge!

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