How to keep your home tidy in between professional cleanings

How to keep your home tidy in between professional cleanings?

Maintaining a clean home in between your scheduled professional cleanings is very important, and by giving your home just 15 extra minutes of attention each day, you can help keep it at its cleanest! Here are a few great cleaning tips to keep things in good order until your next visit.

How to keep your home tidy

1) Keep the kitchen sink clean at all times.

Get in the habit of washing, drying, and putting all of your dishes and pans away as they are used. Wipe up spills or splatters immediately while they are still fresh. Don’t wait until they harden. Don’t let things pile up and wait until night time to put everything away. This will just give you extra work! The same thing goes for bathroom sinks. Wipe down bathroom sinks to remove hair, toothpaste, and remove any stains. How to keep your home tidy


2) Empty out trash cans and kitchen trash every few days before they get full.

Trash either should go into the outside recycling bins or garbage bins. Don’t wait for things to pile up on counter surfaces, creating unnecessary clutter in your home. How to keep your home tidy


3) Get in the habit of using a laundry basket for collecting all dirty clothes laying on the floor.

This simple trick can keep the clutter in your house under control. Once clothes are washed, dried and folded, use your laundry basket to carry everything back to where they belong. Another trick is to walk around your home, room by room, with an empty laundry basket, and pick up any clutter on the floor – shoes, books, toys, etc and place in the basket. Put these items away as you walk around room to room.


4) Make your bed in the morning.

Making your bed is one of the easiest ways to make your bedroom look better instantly. Once your bed is made and straightened, you may feel more motivated to clean up more – removing clutter on your nightstand or dresser, picking up clothes or items laying on the floor, etc. So no more excuses! It takes just seconds. How to keep your home tidy


5) Set the table for dinner!

You will be much less likely to pile up bills, junk mail, keys, laptops and other miscellaneous items if your kitchen table is set, keeping your home more organized. How to keep your home tidyHow to keep your home tidy


6) Sort all of your incoming mail.

Purchase a wall mounted organizer with 2 compartments for both incoming and outgoing mail. Even better, pick one that has a key holder, and get into the habit of hanging your keys as soon as you walk in the house.


7)Tidy up the living room area.

Straighten out pillows, fold any throws or blankets and drape them over your couch, and clear off any clutter from coffee tables or side tables. Keeping a tidy habitat can make you healthier, happier, focused and more productive. How to keep your home tidy

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How to keep your home tidy