Things That You Should Be Cleaning Every Month

If you are like most people, then you have a lot of cleaning to do but don’t know how to handle it all! With all different types of cleaning, you need to learn what is priority & what needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This will help you stay on top of your cleaning so that you don’t miss anything that needs to be cleaned. Here are some pointers to help you stay on maintaining your home and keeping it in good shape. These are 10 things you should be cleaning every month.

10 Things you should be cleaning every month

Closets are one area in the home that often get neglected. Closets are one of the areas in your home that you should not only keep clean, but organized as well. Floors should be thoroughly vacuumed or swept & mopped to prevent dust & dirt buildup. Organize your wardrobe, fold clothes neatly & consider installing a wall shelf if you don’t already have one. Also consider using brackets in your closet for some extra space to hang items. Another option is placing a clothing rack or shelf bin in your closet to keep clothes organized and easy to find.

Most people spend a fair amount of their time in the kitchen. This area of your home should not only be cleaned, but you should also make sure items are properly sanitized. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning of your kitchen will reduce the possibility of pests & is also an important first step to make sure you are removing bacteria that can cause foodborne illness from your kitchen.

Bathrooms are also an area in the home that need to be cleaned – these get the majority of use throughout your home. Properly scrubbing down your shower and tub area, toilet & sink with bleach based products will help to prevent mold & mildew. It is important to regularly clean the floors in these areas as well, including washing bath mats and rugs on a monthly basis.

Your dining room should be welcoming & comfortable which means at the very least, it needs to be kept clean. This is an area that will be used when having guests over too, for parties, dinners and entertaining. For this reason it is crucial that the dining room is immaculately clean and organized at all times. You should always routinely be on top of the cleanliness of the dining room, so it will not take you long to have the room ready for family and potential guests. Properly dust all furniture, including vacuuming any chairs that may have fabric, spray and disinfect the dining room table, dust any blinds, and clean underneath the dining room table (vacuuming or sweeping crumbs, debris).

The stairs and entryway to your home are also important places to keep maintained. If you have carpet throughout your home and you have multiple pets, you often will end up with a hefty buildup of dog or cat hair along the edges and corners of rooms and along carpeted stairs. Taking care of these areas will help you get a better handle on your cleaning.

If you have children, then you know they touch everything! You need to make sure areas that are frequently touched get properly cleaned and disinfected as well – door handles, door knobs, drawers, remote controls, light switches, faucets, playroom surfaces, toys and even the changing table.


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